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Coated Product Sales is a supplier of Plastic Films, Coated and Laminated Films, Polyester, Nylon, Metalized Film, Lidding, VFFS, and Packaging Films, Pressure Sensitive Coating, Barrier Films, Cast Polyethylene and Polypropylene, Toll Coating, Hot Needle Perforation, Metalizing and Laminating Services.

Below is a listing of materials and services we offer.
Please contact us via email at or telephone 860-617-7272 to discuss your product requirements.

Contact Information

New: Micro-Perforated Films and Toll Perforation Service

Barrier Coating

Converting Capabilities

Cast PE & PP Films

Coating, Laminating & Metalizing

Companies Represented

Form, Fill & Seal Films, Laminates

IMS Approved Lidding Films

Label Stocks


Lidding Films & Laminates

Metalized Films

Packaging Films

Peelable Lidding Films

Polyester & Nylon Films

Pouch & Cold Pack Laminates

Pressure Sensitive Coating

Specialty Coatings

Toll Converting Services

Coating and Laminating:

  • Toll Coating and Laminating
  • Tandem Coating
  • Barrier Coatings
  • Soft Touch Matte Coating
  • Polyolefin Extrusion Primer
  • Heat Sealable Coatings
  • Printable Topcoatings
  • Laser and Ink Jet Printable
  • Breakaway Coatings
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Aqueous Gravure Coating
  • Solventless Lamination


Lidding and Packaging Films:

  • Lidding Film
  • IMS Approved Dairy Films
  • Packaging Films
  • Peelable Lidding Films
  • Hot Needle Micro-Perforation
  • Cup and Tray Lidding Film
  • Hot Fill Packaging Film
  • Dual-Ovenable, Microwaveable
  • VFFS, HFFS Films
  • Pouch Laminates
  • High Barrier Laminates

Polyester and Nylon Films:

  • Polyester Film
  • Soft Touch Matte Coated
  • High Barrier Films
  • Primer Coated Films
  • Chemical Treated
  • Corona Treated Films
  • High Clarity Films
  • White and Black PET Film
  • Matte Polyester Films
  • Nylon Film


Metalized Films:

  • Ultra High Bond Metal Adhesion
  • Polyester Film
  • Nylon Film
  • Toll Vacuum Metalizing


Inkjet & Laser Printable Films

  • Clear Gloss Coating
  • Matte Coating
  • Memjet Coatings
  • Plastic Card Ink Jet Stock


  • Film to Film, 2 ply, 3 ply
  • Aluminum Foil - Film Laminates
  • Barrier, Saran, PVDC, EVOH
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene, BOPP & CPP
  • Polyethylene, HDPE, LLDPE
  • Coex Films
  • Peelable & Weld Seal Lidding Film
  • Cold & Hot Pack Laminates
  • Clear, Matte, White, Metalized


Cast Polyethylene & Polypropylene:

  • Medical Films
  • Tire and Rubber Separator Films
  • Diaper & Sanitary Films
  • Paint Masking Films
  • Headliner Films and Laminates


Micro-Perforated Films and Service:

  • High Breathability
  • Microwave Steam Venting
  • Boil in Bag
  • Cut Fruits & Vegetables

Please Email: or phone 860-617-7272 to discuss your product requirements.


Coated Product Sales
P.O. Box 327
Dayville, CT 06241
Phone: 860-617-7272



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